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You can buy a golf cart off the assembly line that looks like every other cart on the golf course, or you can contact Cooper's Carts to build one your way. We'll get all the features you need!


From deluxe sound systems to off-road tires, we've got all the parts and accessories to personalize your cart to your particular needs and style. We also take care of service and repairs, new and used cart sales, and replacement parts and batteries.

Custom build your own golf cart

Custom features include

  • NASCAR driver carts

  • Rear beds and rear seat kits

  • Stretched carts

  • 4-wheel drive and lift kits

  • Aluminum, chrome, and steel wheels

  • On- and off-road tires

  • Sound and stereo systems

Electric and mechanical 4-wheel drive kits

Call for sales, service, parts, and repairs:


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